What is a Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic (MHUC) ?

The Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic ameliorate the lives of people living with mental health ailments by providing instant psychiatric and therapeutic services during moments of an emergency. It aims in creating a progression of care between our staff members and other mental health providers in the community.

Can I make an appointment?

We are a walk-in clinic. You can visit directly during walk-in hours. We also take appointments if you prefer a designated time slot to lessen the wait times.

Why would anyone need an MHUC? Why not simply get an appointment with a psychiatrist and do things the old way?

Visiting a psychiatrist may help you but getting a prior appointment is a tough task. As mental health awareness has increased, psychiatrists have long waiting period. You may encounter long wait times at appointments.
At, Innovated Minds we have experts with years of experience. They are specialized in various therapeutic approaches for different cases.

Is my conversation with the doctor kept confidential?

Absolutely, we respect your privacy and follow HIPPA guidelines.

Is an MHUC a psychiatric hospital?

No. MHUC is not a psychiatric hospital. Patients come and meet with a doctor or a nurse practitioner, and get regular psychiatric services like counseling and prescription medication.

Can I contact my psychiatrist out of hours?

Yes, there is an emergency after hours number.

What are the visiting hours?

Our walk-in hours are : (mon- fri): 5pm -8 pm | Sat: 11 am- 1 pm

Are clinic visits one time only, or do patients follow up?

Patients can visit one time or several times. The center serves as a medical clinic and patients ideally see the clinic as their “medical home” and returns often. Commonly, people come in for 3-6 months.​

Do I need an MHUC if I already have a psychiatrist?

Yes, If urgent need arises and your psychiatrist may not be able to provide. Mental health urgent care at Innovated Minds can help to alleviate the load on the emergency departments, get patients the vigilance they need and lessen the health care costs.

Can an Urgent Care clinic do a one time only second opinion consultation?

Yes. That’s something we do often. A primary care physician may send over a patient with complicated mental health symptoms, or a family may come in seeking a second opinion about the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Is Innovated Minds only staffed by Dr. Quadri, or are there other doctors as well?

We have a team of Professionals including Psychiatrists, Nurse practitioners, P.A.’s, and Therapists at our clinic.​

What Makes “Innovated minds” different?

The MHUC serves persons who are gravely mentally ill. Its aim is to provide instant aid to people in distress and to help them perpetuate stability in their lives. The MHUC is designed to abandon involuntary hospitalization, psychiatric emergency visits, and helps to overcome internment.